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Bella Girl Jewelry was founded so that all girls had a “Best” place to shop for trendy jewelry, bracelets for men and accessories. Why focus on jewelry for all girls? James, this company of women just finds it more fun.

Since BellaGirlJewelry.com launched in November of 2018, we’ve been amazed at the positive feedback we receive from visitors and online shoppers alike. We will continue to provide our customers with outstanding products, services, and support.

Bella Girl Jewelry is proud to present you CHARM IT!, a unique customizable charm collection made for all girls who like to trade, wear, and collect charms.

Here you will find all of the unique and fun charms and accessories needed to build a better bracelet!

We thank you for showing an interest in BellaGirlJewelry.com and look forward to your continued support.

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An earring makes a great gift for a boy or man who has his ear pierced. Most men only pierce one ear and you can buy just one earring, rather than a pair. Beaded earrings also make nice gifts when you want to give someone a gift to match a certain outfit. They can be simple beads or have a string of beads hanging away from them.


Necklaces & Pendants

A beautiful Necklace around any woman’s neck makes her look absolutely beautiful. It is probably the most elegant piece of jewelry that one can own, what with wonderful designs and impeccable craftsmanship available today. The best way to shower your love and show your appreciation for the woman in your life would be by gifting her, a stylish piece of Necklace.



A ring is a symbol of love. It is the perfect gift for you’re loved one. “A diamond is forever” goes the saying, so is love. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong in saying that a diamond is synonymous with love. It is a gemstone that is loved by one and all alike. The beauty of this stone is absolutely unmatched.

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