When we think of diamonds, we all have a tendency to think about white diamonds only. Once the budget is decided we generally look to buy the largest diamond available in the price range and try to get the best color, in this case, the less color that the diamond has the better, which means the whitest diamond color we can get. The cut is the last thing we consider, though this should be higher on the priority scale. All other things being equal, the whiter the diamond color, the more expensive it’s going to be.

The other end of the diamond color spectrum is the fancy color range, which includes a myriad of hues which range from yellow, red, blue, green, red and everything in between. These fancy color diamonds can be more expensive than their white counterparts. The natural blue and red color diamonds are very rare and expensive. Impurities present in the diamond attribute to its color.

Artificial irradiation and heat treatment can alter the color of a diamond from pale yellow and brown to a wide range of colors. The commercial fancy color diamonds in majority of cases will be treated diamonds, this alone can make them affordable, as I previously stated, the natural fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare and expensive.

Synthetic diamonds are another viable option for buying fancy color diamonds. As these diamonds are lab created, they can be produced in different vibrant hues and again are quite affordable.

These beautifully colored diamonds can enhance your jewelry collection and make you stand out and give you the satisfaction of wearing a diamond as well.

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